Tuesday Shoesday from Bride of The Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!

We want our shoes to be just as special as everything on our wedding day right? That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune on your shoes, they just have to be special to you...

Lots of brides are now taking to customising their, which isn't as expensive or difficult as it may look, take a the heel of your choice, in what ever colour you like, then encrusted with crystals, pearls or glass or embellishments. You could use any gems that you have, even brooches..

I'm looking for a good DIY tutorial so either I'm going to find it or I'm going to end up making my own?!


Love the above shoes, the bride did it herself and she isn't any bride she happens to be Ginny.

Ginny and her now husband Matt's YouTube proposal video went viral last year, it was epic with over 20 million views, I'll share the video on facebook later.

Photography By / Graceology Photography

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