Hoarder Alert...

Hoard Verb /hôrd/ - Amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away.

I have a confession i *looks at flour* hoard.... yes i am a hoarder - A person who hoards things.

What do i hoard in particular?? magazines!! Manyt thanks i must say to my father who typically had a shop with lots and i mean lots of magazines in it, which was fine back then smatch hits was only 70p, but by the time i was working i had moved on to the like of Vogue or Elle, which was around £3.70 a pop. 

For me hoarding actually means not throwing it away, something my husband has found hard to deal with, he can't understand why i would want to keep them after reading them. and i was under the impression that it would stop after marriage and children, but turns out old habits die hard, I'm now on to parenting mags :)

really there is a little of it in us all, take my mum she had been storing, material and kitchen wear since i was born for my "wedding" ....

what do you hoard? and anyone's elses mum storing things?


  1. lol...this makes me laugh...I love magazines but I only ever bought them as a special treat. Do you read "This is Glamourous"? She apparently loves mags as well and had some nice ideas for storage.

    My mom was (is) a major hoarder and every summer I try and convince her to have a garage sale (boot sale to you brits) and she always says everything is something she NEEDS. Her habit scared the hoarder right out of me.

  2. oh storage, anything is better than what im doing just now..lol i'll have a look..

    while i was away getting married my mum threw lots out, i'll never get over that...
    your mums so right, you never know when it will come in handy hehe :)

  3. I have a huge collection of magazines which I store in a suitcase.. Eeek!

  4. a suitcase, why didnt i think of that!!


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