Suffering from Socialitas....Nearly!

I only started twitter just a few weeks back, felt it was the next way to connect! (it's addictive, I have to stop myself re tweeting everything) but before i know it, I'm thinking what do I tweet, I don't have anything super exciting to tweet!! (cue black rain cloud over ones head) Even facebook, which i like to refer to as bragbook, i mean how many times do you want to be updated about, how an engaged friend "is so excited" about the new jewellery that her perfect fiance has brought her from Tiffany's! Is that really how it went down? And how she loves, her in laws and their so great! But you can't even sit in the same room as your inlaws. Not exactly mood lifting stuff is it?

With me thinking of blogging full time, I certainly didn't want to feel inadequate half the day. Blogging for me has always been fun, and would hate for the fun not to be there, or to glued to my laptop.
Thankfully around the time i was feeling all twitterd/facebook/blogged out (happened quicker than i thought) i was reading what i was feeling, hence me writing this today.

The posts mentioned below has been a real eye openers, tackling issues like social media burnout, the industry, branding etc. I hope by sharing them, you may benefit and avoid certain pitfalls.. after all were only human.

But even with all this said, facebook and twitter have been great, especially for blogging, traffic and getting to know people, especially other bloggers, i find I'm reading so many more blogs now. You just need to know how to work it :)

My phone doesn't supports facebook or twitter and you know what I'm now thank full for my little brick! but even via the laptop I dont check tweets or updates every second, I also made a point not blog at weekends, ok so I'm still working on that.

Oh and I try to keep up with all the blogs i love, and show the love, even if it means my blogging is slow, it not only inspirational but its what keeps this blogging world turning.

Now a word of warning the following links you might only find interesting if you in the wedding field or blogging.
I have muchos respect for these ladies for saying out loud what everyone is/was thinking!! and in this industry you always need some straight up honestly, i urge you to follow them.
Kat Williams Blogs at Rock N Roll bride - writes with amazing kick “tell it like is it” ass attitude..Love! oh and she kinda makes to just wanna be me and proud :)
Business Notes
Bridal Fluff Air Kisses Wedding Industry Fakery

Lucy runs Lucy Ledger Designs. (should be Lucy's awesome designs) She's currently blogging about the ups and downs during her first few months of self-employment. This girls just writes what she feel and its straight from the heart (but not in a slushy way)
Its OK to be a sad sack
Inspired or Influenced

I read this just in the nick of time and could totally relate and picked up some greats tips - by Josie @ Savior Weddings - Attempting to Avoid Social Media

More refection by Annabel @ Love My Dress - Being self employed and the thing about twitter

Whats your thoughts?


  1. I really like reading Think Splendid Blog or Backstage at StyleMePretty for blogging stuff. Design Sponge also has a biz ladies column where they cover blogger issues, which I have found really helpful in the past.

  2. Thanks for sharing these links! I often relate to a lot of the stuff mentioned in these posts and it's good to know that I'm not the only one! One of the reasons why I left Facebook was because I just couldn't stand how hungry a lot of people got for attention. You just can't seem to enjoy any outing/event without a bunch of people feeling the pressure to tweet and update their facebook accounts every second. It's like can't we just have fun to have fun anymore, without feeling the need to document every single detail of our lives?! It's really sad!

    I've been blogging for over a year now and whenever I feel that I'm starting to lose the big picture of why I started my blog in the first place, I take a break from it all to get a fresh perspective. I only log on to facebook/twitter a few times a day and that's just the way I like it. Being glued to your computer and phone all day long is no fun and it just doesn't make any sense to me!

  3. @ asiya think splendid is good :)i check out the others

    @ splurgerina you so right, just last week a friend was uploading pictures of the wedding, she was still at..eek!


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