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I thought about how to write this, so i don't come off completely as self-absorbed, but really I'm not sure that's possible, you see I don't like any gifts my husband {said really quietly} gets. You will find me either returning it for another items or store credit.
Off course if he asks what I want its fine, Its when he wonders into the wild on his own and picks it himself, well its just down hill. I'm told its the thought that counts but what if you hate the gift? Am I just being ungrateful, or fussy? or does he just not know my taste?

Well its happened again just recently, I couldn't contain myself and just blurted out i didn't like it, {we should be honest right?} he didn't say much, I on the other hand was guilt ridden.

Has this happen to you..... would you speak up or just keep returning things or really should he know better?


Miss Indian Bride talks Diamond Contact Lenses...come again...

Asiya is having a seriously gorgeous giveaway with indian hanger.com who stock the above creations *sigh*

Been blown away by Shehzad & Nadia wedding, the bride is a stunner! Saw it first here and now Kismet is blogging it on her own blog, eagerly awaiting part 3

Some help with choosing you colour palette

There just isn't anything I don't love about this wedding ~ yellow and gray colour scheme...and the bride rocks glasses!!

Ah this has to be the engagement shoot I have been waiting for, i lurve vintage so this shoot really pulls at my heart strings! And I cant stress enough about e sessions and how you should really have fun and get creative, how about this hilarious session

Maharani bliss..a beautiful fusion wedding {ahh the mandap}
Following on perfect is this - the humble Carnation gets a makeover
Another fab ideas for a bridal shower it is all in the details after all.


Ferrero Rocher cupcakes yes please!
Ah my two favorite things cake and donuts together
Cute DIY paper fun
My father always has a bow tie at every wedding, so knowing how to tie one is a must!


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