The Royals might be getting married, but so am I!!

my daughter attended a pretend royal wedding at her nursery yesterday and had street party! she loved it, and it was so cute seeing all the little one's in their fine wedding attire. made me think, yes we will all be watching the royal wedding, whether we like it or not. (there is no getting away, trafford centre, manchester is showing it on the big screen)

But imagine your getting married and all anyone is taking about is something else, not very nice, so if its your big day today or indeed this weekend, this is for you.

and if anything, lucky you the whole country gets a day off on your big day, not many people can say that :)

I have a stack more fashion week pictures to upload, told you it was endless.. and all the usual gorgeousness that you expect!! and its my big day tomorrow too :) so I'll see you Monday, have another amazing long weekend!!

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