Asiana Wedding ~ Summer/Autumn #Im confused

Most Asian bridal magazines are published 4 times a year. Its not a rule, but its expected that whatever season your in, you'll be inspired at that time, and maybe even what to look out for when its comes to the next season.

Generally summer makes me think of light, fresh colours, full of vibrancy and maybe even some sunshine!
Autumn being the season of change, warm rich colours, falling leaves and general cosiness comes to mind.

Earlier in the year the summer issue of Asiana wedding cover came under fire for not being, well summery looking enough, and alas the the Autumn cover has the same problem, infact if anything it look too summery! its almost as if the seasons and covers have been mixed up. what to you think you can see the covers below?

Summer 2011 cover or is it Autumn?

Autumn 2011 cover or is it Summer?

OK so i know we still have some sun, so maybe they can get away with the cover right now, but what about mid October, will the cover still be relevant. 

or maybe when it comes to Asian magazines doesn't it not count what season were in?


  1. I don't like the latest cover at all. There have been a lot of complaints about Asiana using non-asian models, and as if to defy everyone they go and give the cover of their latest issue a very non-asian look. Perhaps they want to appeal to non-asian brides?

    It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the mag has inside!

  2. that a whole other problem, i dont believe that their are no asian models that can be used, i dont mind the actual look as some asian brides do like more western style, irks me they have the seasons so wrong :(

  3. looks very spring and more like the cover of cosmopolitan bride magazine

  4. is it just me or does it look like, on the recent cover, the models head has just been photoshopped onto a body? :\

  5. lol @ ashi now that you mention it!


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