Real Wedding - Neeta & Roshan - Wedding Trailer

When i started this blog i told myself i won't post on the weekend, since my husband and girls needed to see me without a laptop at some point in the week! but i just couldn't sit on this till next week.
I contact Mili Ghosh of  memories in motion last month; and was super happy when she got back to me, and said she had a gorgeous wedding set in Thailand, that i could feature. Sounds lush doesn’t it. (look out for it next week) 

She also asked if I would like to blog about Neeta and Roshans wedding… and sent me this trailer.

I can honestly say this couple had me at play! mili had mentioned that the bride had over came many obstacles in life and really when you hear things about people and how they still manage to be so successful in life, they just inspire you, and your own problems can pale in comparison.

And the trailer, well that has left me wanting more…..more details! 
That lengha?? Those flowers??
And the song you here Aas Paas Khuda from the film Anjaana Anjaani is just perfect. Watching the film kind of pulls of your heart strings, and that, I suppose is the magic of true love. Enjoy!


This from the truly talented Mili Ghosh

We are very excited to share this trailer with everyone, especially since I had this theme/song picked up before we shot their wedding. 
There is quite a bit of meaning behind the lyrics in this song which made perfect sense to their life story, more so Neeta's life story. Without getting into it, I would like to say that I have never met a more independent, strong, successful, smart, beautiful girl like Neeta. Several of her friends & family made a note of this during their speeches at the reception. She inspires a lot of people and she certainly inspires me. 
Editing this piece was a bit emotional for me and watching Neeta walk down the aisle was not only an emotional moment for everyone there who knew her from childhood but for me as well. I especially love the scene when Neeta hands over her tissue to Roshan. Roshan loves to laugh and never would you think that he can be so sensitive. Roshan, you are the perfect choice for Neeta.!

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  1. hi! do you know the designer of her bridal lengha?? I love it!


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