Monday Morning :)

Morning lovelies, 

Hope you all had a great weekend, I'm pretty relaxed even though I'm moving house next weekend, eek! but seems time away gives you plenty food for thought, so if your planning in your sleep, step back and take a breather!!

As promised Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2011 pictures will be up soon. 

A few weeks ago I watched a clip of the ONE show on BBC1 in the program they featured brides who's big day had been ruined, by a rogue photographer.

Pictures create and capture memories that you want with you for the rest of your days, so its extremely important that you take the correct steps in booking a good and trust worthy photographer.
There are ways that you can make sure the photographer you book is reputable and professional. One of the most influential Asian wedding photographers in the UK Monir Ali will be telling you exactly what to look for when booking your dream photographer. 
Look out for the post later today.

Now lets move on a little, so now you know, who you are booking, and they send you a 

quote, which may in turn make you fall off your seat and make you think how much??
I mean how hard can it be to take a good picture on such a joyous occasion especially when everyone is looking so great. And all that money, what for? its only a few hours work and even then there only going to burn the pictures on a CD. Honestly I would be thinking the same thing.

But actually its not as easy as all that. What goes on behind the scene's, is not just a few hours work. Jay of jhoque photography tackles this very question  - why is wedding photography so expensive? here i do urge you to read this, so you can get a greater understanding to the reasons behind the costs.

I'll also have a special guest post this week, so very excited about that, and I'm sure we can squeeze in a couple of real weddings too. 



  1. Looking forward to the photographer posts as I've seen a lot of complaining (over facebook) from some of the more established photographers about the new wave of amateur photographers who are getting jobs because they're charging so little!
    I'm no photography expert, but as someone who planned my own wedding on a budget, I do feel some of the complaining photographers come across as a little condescending when they have a go at people for choosing the cheaper option.

  2. But then new starts will charge less to get the foot in the door? I know what you mean, but I don’t think just because someone charges less, means that they don’t have the skills or passion for the job, but then cheap is seen as lesser quality? I suppose it’s about finding the right balance, its not easy. yeah hopefully the article will help brides stay safe and find reliable people, and then well price is a whole different matter. budget is such a big, Maybe they should have industry guide prices? But then people charge with experience


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