Coming Up Next Week

I'll have pictures from PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in Karachi featuring lots of ace designers from Pakistan.

Lush real wedding set in Thailand, an engagement shoot, plus why its a good idea to have a pre engagement pictures taken! i know you've have been thinking about it!

And I'll show you the midnight blue inspiration board, I've been working on, and this is the picture that inspired me, its by the incredibly talented Preston Baily! 

Being organised is the name of the game ladies, and with that in mind their are a couple of wedding exhibitions on this Sunday that i think will be worth a look.

YDS Threads of Gold Marriott Gosforth Newcastle Asian Bridal Fayre and Air Mauritius Asian Bridal & Lifestyle Exhibition - Birmingham (check events page for more details)

Have a fab weekend, and let's hope wagner finally gets voted of x factor...see you Monday!! xx


  1. thanks for commenting on my blog sis :) im loving your photos at the moment, but I have to say I dont think much of this one as a wedding meal setting... its just too dark for me! but everyones different right ;)

  2. of course sis :) can you imagine if we all liked the same thing.x


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