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Your wedding will arguably be the greatest day of your life. You don’t want anything getting in your way of ruining that great day. Especially when it comes to the way you look. You feel that your hair, skin, nails and body need to be on point for the photos so that means no mistakes!


The key to getting your skin in good condition before the big day is to not do anything drastic within a week of the wedding. That means no harsh facials, scrubbing and steaming. The three work wonders for your skin however, they tend to stimulate the skin so your skin could unexpectedly breakout or get redness, therefore you can’t risk it. Gentleness is what should come to mind. There’s nothing wrong with a gentle scrub to help brighten your complexion however, a coarse scrub recommended for once weekly use like LUSH’s Ocean Salt should never be used the day before your wedding.

The Month Before: You should be eating healthily at this point; if not then start now! One thing I’d highly suggest is juicing and/or smoothies. After a few weeks of drinking fresh juice and smoothies, you’ll notice a difference in your complexion as you’re drinking nothing but fresh fruit and veg; nothing else . The juice we buy contains a load of sugar so, the only things I’d recommend you drink are the juice that you’ve made yourself, smoothies, water, fruit teas and the odd coffee (if you’re a java junkie). My favourite smoothie/juice recipe consists of nothing but blueberry, cucumber, honey, water and coconut oil. Cucumbers contain 95% water, blueberries have antioxidant properties and coconut oil is rich in Lauric Acid and Vitamin E which is perfect for acne prone skin as Lauric Acid fights bacteria and the Vitamin E helps to regulate excess sebum regulation. Depending on whether you have a juicer or a smoothie maker, make whatever you wish and drink it at least once a day.

The Week Before:  Get a facial, but make sure you do not get a facial later than a week before the big day. A facial usually involves deep massage, extraction and exfoliation which are incredibly stimulating. If anything were to happen, giving yourself enough time for your skin to calm down before the wedding is highly important.
Make sure that your diet is still being kept to. Just because we’re a week away the wedding, it doesn’t mean that you can scrimp on the healthiness otherwise, it’ll show in your skin! Also, try to get as many cardio sessions as you can in. Cardiovascular exercises like jogging and swimming will get your blood pumping so, as well as keeping fit and healthy, your skin will also get a gorgeous glow to it as the blood transports oxygen throughout the body when you’re exercising. Get jogging!

The Day Before: You need to be as careful as possible with your skin. Anything you do could show tomorrow, so approach your skin with caution! A mild face wash that doubles up as a face scrub like Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is perfect if you’re looking to exfoliate the day before.


Our hair is our crowning glory. Almost everyone gives a large amount of attention on their locks, even low maintenance ladies. We’re always looking for something that promises to give us bouncy, shiny, super soft hair and it that hair could be yours on your wedding day granted that you look after it!

The Month Before: Colour your hair now if necessary. Regardless of the type of dye you’re using, it will damage your hair now so it’s best to leave your hair with a good amount of time to recover. This also applies to any chemical treatments such as relaxing and Brazilian blowdries.

The Week Before: Don’t do anything extreme with your hair colour or style now. We don’t you worrying about a haircut gone wrong or that your hair’s been dyed the wrong colour just days before the wedding! If anything, getting your hair trimmed is what I’d recommend.

The Day Before: Treat your hair to a luxurious hair mask to ensure that your locks are in tip top condition for tomorrow. Boots’ Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask will leave your hair hydrated and will help to prepare your hair for the heat styling your hair will go through.


Every bride worries about whether her body will look right for her groom. Waxing, plucking, washing, scrubbing, stripping this and that seems like such a laborious task but I find spa treatments, scrubs and all sorts incredibly fun so stop stressing and enjoy yourself! Go with a friend or two, sit back and let the therapist work her magic and have a lovely catch up with your girlfriends!

The Month Before: To loosen up all the tension you’ve accumulated from the stressful wedding planning, a regular massage (every two weeks) will leave you forgetting about the pressure of the wedding.
Skin wise, get your hands on an exfoliating glove; they’re available in most supermarkets nowadays. Your body should be regularly exfoliated to buff away old, dead skin. The body glove is kind enough for daily use so you shouldn’t have a problem. Use it with your regular soap or shower gel and scrub away in circular motions and you’ve got yourself touchable skin!

The Week Before: Waxing is my most recommended hair removal method because of how long it lasts for and how smooth it’ll leave your skin. However, with an amazing wax comes redness so you need to ensure that you get yourself waxed a week before or later.
Fit in a visit to the spa in your busy wedding planning schedule, you seriously won’t regret it. Take a few friends, and indulge in the treatments on offer. Visiting a Moroccan Hammam is an experience that has yet to be rivalled for me. Your body is steamed, scrub and rubbed to perfection!

The Day Before: Today is the day for you to do nothing but rest. Dim the lights, light up a few candles and run yourself a warm bath and treat yourself to a luxury body scrub like Hawaa’s Olive and Argan Sea Salt Polish Leave the planning behind and think of the goal ahead; to get married! Then finish off your bath with Hawaa’s Argan and Olive Body Food. You’ll leave your bathroom a pampered, smooth skinned princess! 

Muchos love & thanks to Guest Blogger by Hafsa Issa-Salwe, shes an international Business student, beauty blogger, Cosmopolitan & Marie Claire Blog Award nominee and on her way to building a beauty empire!!

She blogs at the ace MUSLIMAH BEAUTY

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