A Day @ Premier Asian Wedding Show ~ Novemeber 2011

I was going to do this as a review but since I don't exactly sit on any wedding show judging panels, I will call this more of an account of the day, I like to go in a "bride to be" frame of mind.

I do love it when shows are held at actual venues, really lets you get a feel for the place and with a name like premier wedding show, I got that feeling upon entering The Midlands hotel, After being stamped, I was pointed in the direction of the first of 3 suites.

Here's some on the vendors I met, most where local to Greater Manchester ~

Cupcake Couture by Lilli Oliver www.lillioliver.co.uk loved these

Nasreen and Shahnaz where two lovely ladies that had made up the model below, I think this is imperative for a MUA at a show that they have models to show their work, in fact I would even like to see some being made up. 

ahh the chocolate fountain, what can I say, gets me every time, and Tavia @ angelic chocolate fountain was super lovely, I tired some Turkish delight nom nom


you may have seen my picture on facebook, which was taken in the photo booth, I just love the idea of this its fun for you and your guests, this booth prints instant pictures for you to take home, picture this photo booths

use as much or as little of the props as you like

These are some the suits on offer by Ayeda Couture, run by a lovely mother and daughter duo. I really liked the cream lace number, you can't really tell in the picture but it had lovely detailing on it, they had all party, evening wear on the rails.

these sweetie trees by carol would be good at a dessert table, not sure about a centre piece though?

Meet Spirit the barn owl, who is a ring bearer and he delivers wedding rings, the concept is the bran owl waits, until he gets a signal and then deliver the rings in a silent flight, its pretty wow, you just need to get over an owl coming at you with rings, but he was beautiful and was told their very gentle creatures. flying the knot

The ideas behind Video Kiosk, is that, it's like a guest book, everyone can leave you messages, I did think well the videographer could just ask everyone, to do that, but with this guest go up themselves to do it, and at my brothers wedding, the video guy got everyone to leave a message apart from me. So if you want to get guests involved this maybe for you.

I do love dessert tables, so this a similar concept but with sweets and candy by lucy coco events looks perfect for a mendhi/sangeet

The Manchester Bhangra Society were in full traditional clothes providing some entertainment, find them here

These ladies from rabs by namrah  had traveled from London, They were in the fashion show, which I missed, so they may have had some bridal wear, but it was mostly casual outfits they had on the rack. 

desired designs loved there stationary and will be blogging about it real soon!! 
tables by ~ top notch events

This is a fun idea, although maybe not for winter? choose 6 flavours of ice cream to have at your wedding, and its all served out of this retro ice cream cart. by lanzas icecream

Loved the Mr & Mrs sign that Blush Rose events had on display below

they had some cakes that were supplied by pretty little cupcake

These girls looked stunning, makeup was by Aminahs Bridal, again coming back to why its so important to see makeup on the models, because we want to see your work, up close!!

the picture really doesn't do justice to how lovely the gown on the right was by arianna couture
florals by rodgers the florists

If you have been to wilmslow road lately then you may have came across a new shop called, colour! The back of this outfit below was lovely.

colour~  wilmslow road manchester

Maysa  who are based in Bradford, had couple of traditional bridal outfits on display and were also in the fashion show, I'm hope to have pictures from the show soon.

Dove Release by cherished memories

The idea of halal wine you will either love or hate, i tried a sip of each, white and red and it really is something you need to acquire a taste for, the red wine does contain health benefits, and as you can see it does look classier than a bottle of coke, but I'm not sure, but then having said that if i was at wedding and it was served with food maybe i would enjoy it! its something you have to try for yourself to makeup your mind by kevser tabak

fruit palm tree by fruit magic

These guys were my fave, really smiley and just happy to be playing, Rajah Strings are a Bollywood String Quartet, even if its just for drinks reception, its adds a wow factor

So now to how did I come away feeling from the show it self, well I liked the venue and the exhibitors there was a nice mix, you had pretty much everyone that you would need to plan your wedding, but for me
details and extras, where in abundance, with many options, for example the fruit tree, the doves, or the guest book. and I would have liked more photographers, Makeup Artist, and decor options

Melanje, Maysa, Amina Couture, Rabia Khokhar, Rabs by Namrah and Ariana Couture were all in the fashion show

Some vendors i didn't get any pictures of -

ALIWAY photography were official event photographers, and had some great work on display.

Liverpool is not somewhere I would link to fine Indian Cuisine, but Mayur offer just that, I was tempted by their menu.

Melanje  ~ I literally caught about 2minuates of them on the catwalk and fell in love with a ivory suit!! which made me want to see more.

Arianna Couture ~ Again didn't get any pictures, but one of the models was wearing one of her clothes so if the rest are anything like that, a must see collection.

Also exhibiting were The Makeup Room, who did all the fashion show makeup, and NUBA the makeup academy, who have great credentials was just a shame they didn't have any models made up, they did have lots of their work on display and the MUA herself looked pretty flawless, which I think speaks volumes.

One stop wedding, and cake deli were also present.

My main grumble though was as the exhibitors were split into 3 areas, It would have been great to have either had a schedule/map telling me who was where or directions, as in arrows, because some people i spoke to weren't even aware there where 3 rooms. and this is even with people trying to direct everyone coming in.

Did you attend, what did you think??

please note all views are my own, this is just to give you an idea of what and who i came across on the day!, this not a  paid feature. with thanks to Ahmer of Premier Asian Wedding Show, for inviting us to the show! 


  1. The event was held in what we consider as one of the elite venues in Manchester and provided a perfect classic backdrop for any vendor who was exhibting on that day. The clients were lovely and friendly and the other business all supported each other so there was no negative vibes it was all one big friendly team to help create that perfect day for the Brides to be .... Thank you for the lovely photos you have diplayed for us from wwww.facebook.com/blushroseevents
    Look forward to the next one.
    The only constructive advice I can give is that it needed to be sign posted better as a few suites were hard to find from the clients point of view

  2. The event offered vendors a great opportunity to meet potential clients and showcase their services - something you just can't get over on the internet for those of us without shops that brides-to-be can visit. I agree that the different rooms could have been sign-posted better so visitors got a chance to see everything that was on offer, but there was a really good vibe on the day and the venue was beautiful!

  3. what a fantastic day we had, we met lots of lovely brides to be - thanks ahmer. if you want our lovely white doves at your special day please find us at www.cherishedmemoriesdoverelease.co.uk

    many thanks for the great pictures xx

  4. what a fantastic day we had, we met lots of lovely brides to be - thanks ahmer. if you want our lovely white doves at your special day please find us at www.cherishedmemoriesdoverelease.co.uk

    many thanks for the great pictures xx

  5. what a fantastic day we had, we met lots of lovely brides to be - thanks ahmer. if you want our lovely white doves at your special day please find us at www.cherishedmemoriesdoverelease.co.uk

    many thanks for the great pictures xx

  6. It was our first Asian Wedding Fayre and we loved it! Ahmer couldn't have done enough to accommodate us. All the exhibitors we met were so warm and friendly. All the brides and grooms who visited our table were complimentary and enthusiastic over our Asian Themed Candy Buffet. The atmosphere was great as was the venue, I have to agree with previous posters on here, there could have been better directions or signage to show guests to the other 2 rooms. Plus I like it when guests have little stickers to show they are the ones ie brides, grooms or representing the couple so there is never any confusion. Thats just me though. Thanks to Asian Wedding Ideas for showcasing all of us exhibitors on her wonderful blog. xx

  7. thank you for all the comments, was great meeting you all.xx


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