Lahore Week 1

Hi lovelies sorry about the absence, been a little slow since landing in Lahore, its been a week already, seriously 2 weeks is not enough, coupled with jet lag, change in weather & food we have both been a little worse for wear, but i have still been hitting the shops pretty much daily, looking forward to sharing all my finds with you soon.

I thought i would be blogging way more than i have been, but seems not having visited the in law in over 6 years has left a ALOT of catching up to do.

So far its been a pretty emotional trip, last time i came was on the passing of my mother in law, she was a gem, she really was, and her passing hit everyone really hard, especially my husband he was very close to his mother, was the first time i saw him breakdown, i still cant comprehend what he must have gone through I'm lucky to still have both my parent, i guess its one of those things we can only experience when it happens to us.

I'm in Multan right now, visiting my brother in law, who has the cutest little 6month old twin girls, seriously making  me broody, and that is it not a good thing!  plus makes me miss my own girls even more... going back to Lahore tomorrow, been taking a few pictures, and you'll notice there pretty much all of the traffic, as getting any where takes forever, and the only way i can describe the traffic and driving here is crazy!! a mix of rally driving and go karting, being a parent, i tend to be pretty safety aware while in the car, but all that goes out the window here, sitting your child on your lap in the front seat or behind the driving wheel is pretty normal eek!

I'll try take more pictures of other than rickshaws this week :) oh and i took most of these with instagram, how amazing is that app

everything can be repaired

gol gappay

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