Hijab Styles by Saman

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  1. Excellent blog.Thanks for sharing.......


  2. interesting thanks for this.. Im currently in a pickle as Im due to fly over to Pakistan for our walimah there.. hubbys family arent too pleased over my decision to still wear hijab and I think they think I will grow out of the idea :( although these pictures I dont think are very bridal I know they would see them as far too covering :( Allahu alim. Thanks anyways

  3. @clippingimages...thanks...
    @ ammena...you know its funny in Pakistan, the Islamic country it is, people are really funny with re to hijab, I was even told at one, point no one will marry if you wear hijab, shocking really! just go with your heart hun. insh, more bridal looks to follow, try covering with just your outfit and make it a part of that instead of having a totally separate hijab.x

  4. I did think of that, but the bridal duputta is just too big and heavy, plus I would need a high necked top.. the 3/4 sleeves (Im having bangles to cover the rest of my arms) will be enough for me in the heart ;) lol :D but thanks for the support.. abu (hubbys dad) has expressed that they are ok with me wearing hijab which I was so happy with, it takes off alot of my stress alhamdulillah. I do love your blog sis masha'Allah keep it up :D

  5. thank you,you really solved the puzzle on how to wear shellas in a stylish n make ourselves look unique wherever we go,this really helped me big time....
    "May Lord Almighty bless u all ur wishes.Amen"


  6. i loved all of the they are very beautiful.The one i loved the best was the third on i want you to make a tutorial please i realy want that styl as soon as possible


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