Its Our First Birthday or Is It Blogiversary??

OK so somehow I seemed to have forgot that we {meaning the blog} turned one a couple weeks back...

Speech Speech Speech
If I'm totally honest I'm surprised I'm still blogging, what started as a hobby, to help me as a wedding planner, and inspire brides has turned into so much more, not to mention getting to meet some truly wonderful fellow bloggers.

Dear readers, I have you to thank for making my first year of blogging so amazing.

I really can't stress how much I appreciate your comments, emails, enthusiasm, tweets, likes, the lot, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy :)

A heart felt thanks goes out to family & friends who have been so supportive, and the creative talents that have allowed us to share their work.{keep it coming}

And a very special thanks to my love & technical support guru, thanks for believing.

Here's to another blog filled year.

Love, Rabbia xoxo

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  1. Happy blogiversary, Rabbia! Here's to another fab year of Asian Wedding Ideas xx


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