Indian Weddings by Simran Chawla

When was the last time you went to a bookstore, and came across a detailed book about asian weddings, I don't recall.

Simran Chawla has written a book called Indian Weddings. As Indian weddings continue to evolve and grow into a million dollar industry in the wedding world, this book is a snapshot of Indian weddings in America as they are today. The weddings featured in the book are from all over the country, from a beach wedding in California to the Washington metropolitan area where a groom arrived on elephant in front of DC's famous Mayflower Hotel.

Featuring beautiful photography its conveys the joy of Indian celebrations, and the text helps brides and guests to understand Indian marriage traditions. Though the book features mostly South Asian Americans, this is a universal book about Indian wedding traditions today and is available worldwide.

I asked Simran, how she got to writing a book like this? 

"I have a journalism background and later pursued creative writing classes. My older brother was getting married at the time and I found myself writing essay after essay about family wedding traditions for my classes. I finally decided to put my thoughts together into a book. I’ve always loved our weddings and found myself constantly looking to the UK for Indian wedding eye-candy. Asiana and Asian Woman Wedding magazines were so amazing to me, as we had no resources like that in the States a few years ago. I’m so glad now that my book can hopefully be a resource to brides in the States, UK and worldwide. With this book, I truly hope couples will be inspired to take some time out from wedding planning to actually talk with their families about the traditions that are about to change their lives forever."

I lived in the Washington, DC/Virginia area my whole life until last August when I moved to the UK after my own wedding.

Personally i haven't read the book, but i imagine it would make a good present when someone gets engaged, and that it would be helpful to vendors who might not be familiar with Indian weddings.

here's what people are saying about the book so far: 

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