DIY - Pom Poms

pom poms were something i had admired from afar, not even thinking to make them, because they looked 

a) so hard to do & b) time consuming.

But when the time came to make them they turned out to be neither. actually there rather simple once you get the hang of it..

Here's what you'll need, choose any colour of tissue paper you like, plus scissors, and string, i used string, but you can get floral wire that you cant see. great for giving the illusion that they are hanging mid air

Now lay 8 sheets of paper out flat,  i just halved the sheets that were in the packet, as i wanted quite large pom poms, but you can go with what ever size you like, say 20 by 30 inch will give you mediums sized ones

next step is to start to make accordion folds about 1 1/2 inch wide, remember to crease at each fold, till you end up like this.

next you need to add your string to the middle, ( u can also tie it will wire first then add string,) , how much string/wire/ribbon will depends on how high or low you want it to be hanging so cut according to that, you also need to snip the ends, either round or with a point like i have here, both will give a different effects.

next open up the folds like this, then start to pull the tissue paper, one layer at a time, pulling away from the centre, i did one half of the layers one way and flipped it and did the other side, puffing it up, till it starts to take shape, this part is a little scary as it feels you'll just rip the paper, and you might, but do it slowly and gently and you'll be fine. 
ta da you end up with something that looks like this!! once you have done this you'll see how it easy  it is to change the size of the pom pom as you please. 

you can hang these bursts of colour anywhere you like, indoor/ outdoors, i love them for a mendhi/dolki/sangeet, in really vibrant colours..

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