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I was supposed to do this post a wee while back, but the fact my laptop exploded kind of got in the way, but like they say everything happens for a reason, and of course the lady in question has just started her very own blog, and gave a sneak peek at at whats in store when she launches her own label LAZYDOLL. now how would you know that if i posted a couple weeks back :) and you may be thinking this isn't very wedding related but i did ask A bridal question and anyway who cares..

So lets waste no more time, in introducing - up and coming designer Dina Torkia..or better known as DINA TOKI-O this trend setter is about to take the modesty and hijabi fashion world by storm, already loved on facebook and lookbook.nu, for her style and fashion sense.

whether its  turban or a hijab, skirt or cape, she well and truly puts her stamp on it.
Here's our little question answer session...

I started designing because…. I love it.. simples! Lol I actually started in school at gcse level, carried on to A levels, but unfortunately didn’t progress to university to carry on. Not sure why I didn’t but I think it was a lot to do with my confidence back then. Anyway when I was 10 I decided that’s all I’ve really ever wanted to do so just started again and that’s where I'm at now!

I was attracted to hijab/modest designing attire because…  I’ve been a hijabie for the majority of my life now. I put the Hijab on when I was 12 so I’ve never really known any other ways to dress other than around the boundaries of the hijab! So when I started being fashion conscious I figured it would make sense if I tried to cater for those women who prefer to dress modestly especially hijabies!

My style is… laid back, casual (I like to think classy lol) and funky!

A perfect outfit should be…whatever suits you best and whatever you feel the most gorgeous in!

My biggest achievement to date is… hmmmm good question lol.. I think it would be the most recent fashion show I took part in Cardiff in the Mercure Hotel for the Bollywood charity Ball hosted by the miss universe wales finalists! Getting my pictures taken alongside all my models dressed in my designs and those photos will be going in OK magazine inshallah along with other pictures of the event fingers crossed!!!

In my dreams, I’d… be very successful at the moment bringing covered women on the catwalk all over the major fashion cities! And changing any negative  views and opinions of what the western world think about us hijabies.

I am… Dina Torkia ! ;) lol

You probably won’t know this but… ummmm im half Egyptian and half white!

My next challenge will be… to launch my label inshallah!

Could you see yourself designing for the bridal market?  To be honest its not something I'm interested in at the moment.. I think theres already a lot of choice for hijabies out there when it comes to their wedding outfits.. but you never know anything could happen!

 Who is the DINA TOKI-O customer ….the DINA TOKI-O customer is a stylish independent woman who holds her head high and is proud of who she is and most of all has a great personality.

Which designer inspires you? at the moment Zuhair Murad and Jil Sander!!

How does it feel to know your inspiring women all over the world…?   All over the world? Lol I wouldn’t say that JUST yet haha.. but when I do get messages telling me I've inspired them it feels amazing! Gives me a reminder of why I'm doing this and why I should keep going no matter how long it may take!

When can we get out hand on your work…? Inshallah in my head I'm planning for summer time 2011 or towards the end of summer depending on how long it takes me.. and right now its proving to take a while!

Are you ready to hit the big time??  If you mean business wise.. then no not yet.. but mentally HELL YEAH! LOL

Sneak Peek -  Lazy Doll

Anyone who see zuhair murad as inspiration is awesome in my book, but if dina at such a young age of 21 is coming out with this material just imagine what she will accomplish in years to come.. and anyone who might be wondering whats shes like, well not only is she a stunner, but a total a doll, and oh so down to earth! yes i can tell these things over email ;)

we look forward to getting our mitts on her clothes sooon!!

facebook page here

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