Wedding Photography by Shot By Shahed

I'm going to start featuring more UK photographers, (due to high demand of course :)) Real Weddings and more portfolio work in which you'll be able to see some of their best work. 

To get us started we have a talented photographer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Shahed of Shot By Shahed, who has been kind enough to share a snap shot of a few, weddings he has done, as you can see its all in the detail. Stay up to date by visiting his blog here

little changes can make simple shots..amazing

can you guess whats happening in these shots??

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil

loving the vintage look of this


This is where the party's at!

Run DMC eat your heart out...

the money shot, such emotion... my favorite!

Whats your favorite? 
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Areas covered for weddings and more are Newcastle upon tyne/ Leeds/ Manchester/ Bradford & York. 


  1. Oh God... the crying bride and the crying father shots always get me....

  2. Loving your captions- Thanks Rabia!
    Will keep you updated with some pre-weds and mixed race weddings I'll be covering later this year also! More details on my facebook page! :)

  3. @rohima...i know, im so bad i only need to hear a couple notes of baabul ki dua, and im off!

    @shahed...:) look forward to it!

  4. fantastic pictures by shot by shahed. cool work.


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