Real Wedding - Umair & Fatima Mendhi by Taimur Ali Ahmed

When i saw these pictures i just had to share them, I'm a big fun of journalistic photography, so big thanks to Taimur who been kind enough to allow me to post them.

♥ colours scheme shades of plum, purple, teal, magenta, gold, dusky pink ♥ big mirrors ♥ starry sky ♥ candles ♥ chandeliers..

*please note the gorgeousness of these pictures has nothing to do with ali zafar being in them ;)


  1. it's funny how everyone keeps talking about how ali zafar is in these pictures...who is he?

  2. Ha-ha do they, he's a Pakistani singer/actor...But thankfully, well I don't think so anyway, he hasn’t made any of those dreadful Pakistani films, I watched tere bin laden which was pretty funny and some of his songs are good! ahh my hubby would be so proud of my knowledge lol


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