Weekend Hair & Links!

How's your week been? mine has been pretty great, lots of scheming and dreaming being done. I learnt some valuable lessons this week, which I wanted to share with you.

Love your mum ~ many of us are very lucky to have our mums around, but some aren't, so make the most of it!

Have a support system ~ you need people you trust, can confide in and rely on when things don't go to plan or even when with the rug gets pulled from beneath your feet. Find these people and keep them close.

Find your inner strength ~ with every passing stage in life, comes new sets of  roles & responsibility's and being strong from within, is what will help you get though.

Adapt & find the good, even in bad ~ a fellow blogger came up against a tough time this week, everything she knew she had to change, I'm not sure where she pulled the strength and courage from, but she did and made it work for her not against, she got through it and honestly i would say came out even better on the other side.

For Sara & all bloggers 

Real Weddings are what do it for me, where the ideas are put into practise ~ these couples rocked!

who says short hair cant be sexy!!

what did you learn this week? did you come across any links worth sharing?

Have lovely weekend, see you on the other side

Rabbia xoxo
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