{Guest Post} Elephants at your wedding?? by Kismet @ The Unreal Bride

Maybe it is my latest obsession with all things animals- from lions to hyenas to elephants thanks to my recent trip to Kenya but whatever the reason- it’s keeping me inspired!

Today I will focus all my energy on elephants or heffalumps like I like to call them (remnants of my Winnie the Pooh days, I suppose!).

If you are an animal lover like me , then including a favourite animal-in this case an elephant in your wedding would seem the right thing to do! We have all seen people who have their dogs and cats included in the wedding, then why not an elephant? Well, that’s easy enough to answer-they are kinda big, like humongously huge! Okay so we can solve that problem by not physically having an elephant present but by including them in other ways in the wedding.
I have to mention though that some people even ride in on an elephant instead of a horse, which is more conventional in an Indian wedding. I kid you not- my own fiancés brother did that! It was a bit mad but no one will ever forget that.

If you aren’t as adventurous as these grooms, then maybe some elephant inspired invitations would be nice!

Apart from just being adorable, elephants played a major part in Indian history – from being hard workers to being part of celebrations (think heavily adorned with a prince sitting on top) and of course one of the most popular Gods is Ganesha who is famous for his elephant head (but that is another story).

Sorry! Got a bit diverted off topic there but felt the need to share that bit of info J
I found this cutest guest book as well which has these elephants on it and would fit perfectly with our elephant theme.

I am a huge huge fan of Pinterest, okay maybe a bit of an addict too but Etsy is amazing too with its huge treasure trove of resources. The guest book was found on Etsy and so were these cute cards!

Last but definitely not the least are these amazing bracelets from The Lucky Elephant which I think would be the perfect thing for your bridesmaids/best friends or maybe even with your wedding outfit. Aren’t they the most adorable and beautiful things ever?! They might have been the inspiration for this entire post!

With that I leave you to think if you would consider whether you would like to have ellies as part of your décor or not!
Thank you so much Rabbia for having the Unreal Bride here- we enjoyed it and hope you did too! J
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  1. I love the groom riding the elephant, maybe not so practical though! An ellie motif on all the stationery is such a cute idea!

  2. I love elephants! How amazing would it be to ride one into your wedding?! LOVE


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