Celebrity Weddings - Rishi Rich & Manrina Rhode ~ Asiana Reception by HS Photography

Here we are at the final instalment of this wonderful wedding. Love the idea of an Oscar themed party, makes for such a glam affair. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as enjoyed posting them, a massive thank you to HS photography for sharing the pictures with us. Next week we'll be looking at all the details.

Catch the wedding teaser here

wow body art by pavan

Dream Team

Photography ~ Anil Sakaria and Indi Hans of HSPhotography.
Wedding Planner ~ Sadiq Chikte of Chameleon Events
Wedding planner ~ Anisha Vasani of Asiana Magazine
Hair/Makeup~ Ambreen
Outfit Brides ~ Sonas {see the dress & their catwalk show here}
Outfit Grooms ~ Pal Zileri
Jewellery ~ Kyles
Body Art ~ Pavan
Cupcakes ~ Cupcake Avenue
Chura ~ Guests/Performers ~ H Dhami, Juggy D, Don D Marley, Veronica, Kiran Dhanoa, Malkit Singh
DJs ~ Krash + Juggy D Roadshow
Presenters ~ Nehal and Ameet Chana

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