Makeup Monday - Q & A

You have been emailing and leaving questions and now we have a super duper team of talent makeup to give you the answers ~

 Can you recommend a good foundation to use on brides that are especially of a brown/tan skin colour?

Nahid Khan Mua ~ Try Bobbi Brown as they have a good colour range for darker skins. If your wanting to use  a Superdrug or Boots brand then try Sleek or Revlon photo ready as they are good too x

Kam Sahota Mua ~ Mac Pro Full Coverage foundation provides brides with a flawless, photo finish coverage. It comes in all shades and is long lasting. It's the foundation I used on my wedding day x

Ravita Pannu Artiste ~ Its all about Full coverage another mua introduced me to this product {Mac Pro Full Coverage} and i now use it on my clients...its amazing stuff! it really does do what it says on the tin, flawless coverage without making the skin look dull...its brilliant for brides especially!

The makeup artist I have booked for my bridal, is asking to me provide her with false lashes, lipstick and foundation is that normal?

Mua Rujina Mua ~ Depending on how much they're charging some artists may ask you to provide them with lashes. However if they are a professional make up artist that should mean they have a comprehensive kit!!! Therefore there is NO need to ask for foundation or lipstick, unless they are asking you to have the lipstick in order to top up throughout the day. Same does not not apply regarding foundation and you would only need to powder should you have oily skin. So this is not normal NO!!! Hope this helps.

Nahid Khan Mua ~ A professional mua does not ask you to bring the kit as we are the make up artist we should have the kit ready on a wedding day some make up artist require you to have a lipstick for touch up as its a long day or if you do not have the same colour they will put some in a little tub for you so it matches with the rest of the make up if its party make up some Make up artist ask you to get the lashes but if its bridal then definitely not !! hope this helps x

Ravita Pannu Artiste ~ Within in my packages i offer all the above. Lipstick shade is arranged/confirmed almost at the consultation/trial initially. It is then recommended that the bride purchase the same shade so she is able to touch up as and when required.However for the bride to provide her own lipstick is a not normal...False lashes should be also covered in the package with the mua and at that a range of lash sets to suit the eye shape, not just one standard set...as lashes can make or break the overall look achieved or that wanting to be achieved. As for foundation...its vital that any freelancing makeup artiste has a range of suitable shades etc to apply on the ranging clients that the mua may work with. i find it unacceptable that a mua would even consider saying to a potential client to provide your own base...

Thanks too the talent Makeup Artist involved you can get in touch with each of them by clicking on their names or see details below. 


If you have a question you would like answered the email me on rabs@asianweddingideas.co.uk
till next Makeup Monday.

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