Celebrity Weddings - Imran Khan & Avantika Malik Engagement

With their wedding round the corner, i wait with baited breath to see what the bride and groom will be wearing, and not to mention all his on screen leading ladies, who will be in attendance.  Imran Khan, ( who i think is fab, but not as much as his mamoo) fiance Avantika Malik wore a blue off shoulder Varun Bahl dress at their engagement last year. you like?? 

image source www.bollywoodmantra.com


  1. her outfit is awful!
    looks like a costume!

  2. i know, what was she thinking! i just hope her wedding outfit is much, much nicer!

  3. Her outfit must be part of the medical fair that is the setting for their engagement, right? Right?? Or else.. That outfit is a complete joke. And he looks so nice standing there..


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