Real Wedding - Paul and Maya by Melanie Martin Photography

I think I can get used to this submissions idea :) and i'm loving the brides look.
Here's what photographer Melanie Martin had to say about this beautiful wedding  and couple.

"I met Paul and Maya for the initial wedding consultation in February 2011 and was immediately smitten with them. They were just so much in love and it showed in the photos we took during the engagement session. They both have a rich heritage: Maya with her Asian upbringing and Paul coming from a Roman-Catholic background and they were eager to give both aspects consideration during the day. I was especially looking forward to Maya's dress that she described as "sort of traditional Asian", I was sure it was going to be fabulous. On the day, when Maya arrived in the black stretch limo and the door opened, I actually gasped. I have never seen a more stunning dress - EVER. She looked like a princess from a fairytale book. The ceremony was held in the Oratory Church in Birmingham which is a wonderful building and the Father who conducted the ceremony did a fabulous sermon about the importance of marriage in our day and age. There were quite a few tears in the crowd and even more sniffles.

After the ceremony there were lots of hugs in the courtyard and it was wonderful to see how happy everyone was for Paul and Maya. After lots of family photos, we snuck away to take some shots of just the Bridal couple before the reception. The food and the cake at the reception were a complete success. Truly a day to remember and a memory to treasure."

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