What to Wear If your going to the Royal Wedding or The Oscars

Were you sat in you pj's watching the royal wedding..no? wait that was me, fine but imagine you did have a seat waiting for you at the abbey, what would you wear? or your invitation to the Oscars or IIFA awards didn't get lost in the post this time?

I have been secretly thinking about this, which designer would be the one to wear, and so i thought Ayesha Depala!! here's a few reasons why.. 

whoever wears her designs looks like a Persian princess!!

aishwarya for ELLE

Kareena Kapoor for HI Blitz

her designs are that good she wears them herself..all the time..

 style crush Sonam Kapoor loves her

Sonam chic and stylish wardrobe in Aisha was created by Ayesha

if you choose her designs as a bride you will look STUNNING

Reema Ameer, Editor of Harpers Bazaar Arabia got married in her designs 

some to pretty for words designs, she showed at HDIL India Couture Week 2010

what do you think worthy or not? who would you wear? {you can't choose manish malhotra}

images via red velvet nation, verve, wedding sutra, masala.com, Ayaad Damouni, high heel confidential


  1. My answer changes each season, but if I had to choose right now I'd probably book myself an appointment with pakistani designer HSY. I've not actually come across the dress of my dreams in his collections however there's something about his work (and in the interviews I've seen of his) that makes me very confident he could design an amazing gown to my specifications.

  2. I LOVE this designer... all of her outfits are stunning x


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