{Random} You've been married how long/ HELP! I want to be a model, + this week in the blogosphere

i think is should clear somethings up, i didn't get married last week, the post was confusing, we celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary.. jeez has it been that long! but guess what? where both still sane :)

We went for a night out into Manchester City minus the girls, and i rocked a smoky eye, yup that's right I'm getting better, but still needing more practice.

awww ..something we remind oursleves all the time!!
after many years i have realised not to wait for my present but go buy it myself! saves taking what he bought me back later :)

Whats all this about Catherine Middleton doing her own makeup...? if you had some lessons would you do your own wedding makeup? 

help is at hand people, if you wanna be BNTM

I sometimes get emails about getting into modelling, which baffles me as i have no ideas why, {me and Kylie have one thing in common and that is our height} i figure it must be to do with the blogging malarkey. I'm glad Nazma of Asian fashion blog has spoke to people in the know to get all the low down on the do's and dont's about getting into modeling. see part1 part 2 part 3 

now for all you bloggers..  ever had blog envy? this article by Megan at shabby blogs, was at times scarily true!! 

*brides to be are you having wedding envy? read here. keeping the green eyed monster at bay is not easy, as with most things in life, but if you look straight ahead, and keep your own goal in mind, all will be well. 

Since i started blogging, i found I'm either blogging or doing house work {mainly i blog to get away from housework} but one of the downsides is i hardly get time to read blogs i love and find interesting, anyone else in the same boat? this week i made a point of doing the rounds, and noting something i liked and wanted to share. 

So started with the some of the brown wedding bloggers out there..naturally! 

wedding eye candy galore on my brown wedding, loved this e - session Tractor Vs. Ducatti, pretty original stuff and this nikah, heart the outfit the brides wearing.

Preeti from my big fat indian wedding has posted her mendhi pictures,  love seeing a brides mendhi, it can really reflect her personality.

I must commend LLB for doing such a personal post, you know what it is true, we can be our own worst enemy's. what do you think?

Many wedding bloggers are blogging about weddings, because they are in fact getting married and Angee @ red white and diamonds, has shared a sneek peek of her e session.

love these dreamy colours.by Inspirational Laddu {is that not just the coolest name for a asian wedding blog}

a bride wearing a traditional Kanjeevaram Sarees, which you don't see it very often, is featured by Asiya over @ aaina bridal.

finally some makeup tuts to watch Asma/ MakeupAdikt has posted a new kim kardashian inspired look, its off the cover of the lastest uk cosmo, in which either Kim's been over photoshopped or has had more work done, has she? she looks really different.

pixiwoo's Nic did a fab Keira Knightley Smokey eye

love both these looks for those long summer nights!! :)

blog discovery -  ♥ keiko lynn, she's just the cutest thing every, love her style and this makeup tut

finally dig these ruffles here :)

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    and your blog is fab, deffo one of my must-reads! you have nothing to worry about!!


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