Review - She Uemura Cleansing Oil

These cult cleansing oils were voted best wash off cleanser by Instyle magazine last year, £24.50 each, I bought mine at Selfridges, I can only tell them apart by colour as they all seem to have the same description on them, I tried the orange one, having dry skin the thought of applying oil to my skin didn't really scare me too much, I have only every bought two other products by SU, and i was really happy with them so i had high hopes for this

i must point out I'm a wash off/foam up cleanser girl by heart, so i was going into unknown territory here. You start by massaging onto dry skin, and then as if by magic the oil emulsifies on contact with warm water into a milk. 

Its no wonder that shu uemura range of oils made their mark with removing heavily applied Hollywood stage make-up in the 1950s. Because this really does remove makeup well, but my problem was with the residue, even though my skin was pretty soft i had to get the water pretty hot before i felt it was off, and still felt i needed another cleanser, and my efforts to remove eye make with it, (mistake) even though it worked, left me bleary eyed. 

I'm sure i broke out due to this or it could just be the paranoid.  

the girls squirted out most of the bottle :(

Would i buy again? No I'm afraid not.

Who could give it a go? someone who doesn't mind the feeling of something still on your skin, or very dry skin, or just avoid the eye area totally.. i like my squeaky clean

anyone used this and loved it?

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