Are You A Stressed Bride to Be? Well Read on Help is at Hand!!

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life and the days running up to the big day, they should be ones you remember fondly, spending time with family, shopping, getting pampered, right?

Well not if your stressed out, in a panic, dealing with family politics or crumbling under the sheer size of your to do list!

Not a good look!!

My own wedding, was a rather stressful affair, marrying in another country and to a total stranger...Hello panic attack!

What I needed was someone to calm me, reassure me and most of all someone to talk too... but alas it wasn't that easy, never is, what if the only people you can talk to are the ones driving you up the wall? Your friends, your parents, his parents, HIM!?

Well there is someone you can talk to, and who can help you deal with the dilemmas and situations that come up, on your path to the temple, gurdwara, mosque, church (delete as appropriate)

Well known psychologist Mamta Saha, Director of Think Spa London, offers bespoke coaching, on a one to one or group basis, in all areas of life. As a regular commentator in the media, Mamta herself got married herself last year, so knows the pressures a bride to be can go through first hand, and has developed helpful workshops and coaching sessions with this in mind. 

 Psychologist Mamta Saha, knows the importance of being  calm and collective on your big day
So how do you avoid the drama and politics that sometimes come as free add on in a wedding??  Learn exactly how to handle them head on in a gracious, elegant way.

Who wouldn't like to know how to keep the in-laws sweet and eating out of the palm of your hand or handle family meetings with ease and confidence.

We all want the transition from being engaged to be married be a smooth one.  So wouldn’t it be great to have that ‘exclusive’ support just for you throughout this once in a lifetime journey?

I asked Mamta for some top tips...

Brides it is important that even throughout the planning of your wedding you have space for yourself.  Plan to take a minimum of 20 minutes out everyday for some ‘me time’.  This will help you get your thoughts in order, calm yourself down and regroup. 

Also, if you find yourself getting really stressed project yourself out of your situation and take a helicopter perspective on things.  Doing this helps you to get some context on your situation and also helps you to appreciate what is going on rather then become stressed by it.  

Lastly, know that every action has a reaction, So choose your words and behaviour carefully. Weddings can be extremely tense and stressful but don’t make anyone your punch bag.  Count to ten, take a deep breath and know that when you ‘calm down and carry on’ you will feel less stressed, a lot clearer and certainty lighter – hopefully creating that glow just in time for your big day.  Good luck!

There you have it, help is at hand, for any number of problems you might face.

Call Mamta on: 07957456769
Or visit www.thinkspalondon.com for further details
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