Tanu Weds Manu - First Look plus the song that gets everyone up at a wedding!!

A Bollywood film, is not complete without a wedding, or at least a wedding dream sequence. Soon to be released Tanu Weds Munu is no exception.


Based on the age old belief that marriages are made in heaven! even though the road to heaven might be a little “tedha’.

Directed by Anand L. Rai it stars Madhavan as Manu and  Kangana Ranaut as Tanu. A love story of two completely opposite people 

Tanu a smart, intelligent girl who will do everything that her parents will disapprove. With a mind of her own and a love for rebellion, she is dead against an arranged marriage.


Manu a seedha saadha Doctor from London. Intelligent, temperate and from a respectable family, The perfect groom which every parent wants for their daughter. ‘Family pressure’ leads him to Kanpur to meet Tanu the quintessential small town girl who has studied in Delhi.

But destiny holds something totally different for these dramatically diverse personalities. Their paths keep crossing time and again and weaves this wonderful story through the Indian heartland .

don't you think she looks rather madhuri dixit here, circa  early 90's??

Madhanvan, is such an understated actor, you will have seen him last in 3 idiots (awesome film)

Kangana, known for her dramatic roles has proved her acting abilities, lets see how she fairs in comedy.  

The film also features a track from the UK's very own RDB... cue music..." kadi sadi gali bhul ke vi aaya karooo... :)



  1. oooh.. I loved 3 idiots.. will be looking out for this on the download list insha'Allah ;) thanks sis

  2. im a sucker for films based around wedding themes. madhanvan and kanga are amazing actors too...bonus =)


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