Weekend Links & Hair {the bumper edition}

I have actually been doing some blogging this week, hows that for progress..so as you may know, I'll be moving from blogger to wordpress very soon..eeeek... the moving part stresses the hell out of me, and i will miss all my followers here, and my reading list, but i plan to keep this blog up anyway so i can always check in, but hope you will all follow along once i move {nice little plug there}

I talked about body image this week, here's a light hearted look at it...


pastel oreos..are these for real? if so someone tell me where to get some ~ via 

eggs are everywhere right now, but aren't these the prettiest? via

How about a bun, for your reception?

or maybe lots & lots of curls..do  follow this link - some great ideas for hair

Hows your Good Friday been? I spent it with my girls, I'm trying at least once a month to go out just me and them, and do fun stuff, well we do that at home anyway, but i mean, actually going out, be the cinema, museum, or just a train ride some where. well today we hit the soft play and the The Trafford Centre, which is littered with little point where they sell ice cream, cookies, pop corn and candy floss {what is this the circus??} so really its a case of enter at your own risk, i did manage to take a few pictures though..


I love this shop, but not everyone digs the smell coming out of its doors. Got me some bath bombs today, they are so... well lush really! When you just want some me time, drop one in the bath and float into sheer  bliss. Although today i nearly had a strop when i realised they stopped stocking my fave hair conditioner in stores now, can only be ordered online.
Any one tried there coolaulin conditioner?? it has the most amazing coconut smell, but not as you would know it, its a million miles away from the synthetic scent you usually get in 'coconut' shampoos... promise...

"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"  
Shoes on sale!!

ted baker clutch

soft play -  the best thing about being small, i can go in and play hehe

little one getting crafy!

freshly flipped krispy kremes.. drools

whats your fave?? mines the maple glaze..nom nom

not usually a fan of big jewels, but the light azore moonlight crystals were really pretty! by swarovski.

damn these are hard to come by in the uk, sweet peanut butter goodness..have to stock up when & if i see them!

Well that's enough from me right now, here's some lovely links for you to check out this long weekend...

There has been some great stuff in the Green Room {as always} this week via rocknroll bride, great reading for bloggers/wedding industry folk & this weeks Thursday Treats where particularly awesome..

Finally, oh how i still love this song, isn't it soo romantic & don't you just miss preity zinta?..she looked so beautiful in this song and the clothes ahh shown here in bollywood ishtyle


What plans do you have this weekend? Whatever you do, have a great time and see you on the other side.

Rabbia oxox

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