Wedding Favours Idea ~ Gummy Yummy Goodness by Jealous

If you had the option of choosing between a sugar almond and a gummy bear, what would you choose?

I know what i would pick, and when Rishi Rich & Manrina Rhode got married so did they, giving guests boxed gummy sweets as favours.

Rishi Rich & Manrina Rhode -  Bespoke Red & Gold Wedding favour boxes by Jealous /Photo Credit HS Photography

Before the new year the sweet guys at jealous HQ{see what i did there} sent me some little samples, lets say they didn't very last long, but then what do you expect when you have have 2 under 5's at home & a sweet toothed blogger.

If your after something different to give as favours, your looking at it, best of all boxes are bespoke. But you don't need to be getting married to order up some of these vegetarian friendly sweeties.

Do check their facebook page, where you can catch up with their gummy bears shenanigans.

order online or find a stockist - the jealous life see the facebook page

please note this is not a sponsored/paid post, but i was sent a sample of sweets

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