School of Rock (n Roll Bride) ~ Being Inspired & What i Learnt

I realised yesterday that if you put your mind to it you really can achieve anything, big or small, last year reading about the school of rock i said to my husband i would love to go to that, oh and meet Kat :) well little did i know that few months later i would find my self at the School of Rock. cue big grin

I was so pleased with my self for a not squealing like a teenager in front of Kat (how uncool would that be) and actually asking some questions that would help me in the long run, i really was super excited to be there, of course for the learning, but ever since i started to blog i have been an avid reader of rock n roll bride, so for me i got to meet one of my blogging heros

Its funny at one point Kat said that when people meet her they think they know her, which i can see how true that would be, look at me i read her blog, and follow on twitter, lol i don't even keep that up to date with my mum, hence its easy to feel like you know someone, but as long as your not a total stalker i think its a good thing after all as bloggers we want people to be a part of our world.

The workshop took place at the The Chimney House in Sheffield, which by the way would be such an awesome venue for a party or reception.

So what did we learn, well Kat had put a pretty nifty slide show together, and she took us though all areas of blogging and Gareth was there to answer any tech questions we had.

Iv been blogging for over a year & a half now, so i was really keen to learn about how to turn this amazing hobby of mine into a business but also how to stay sane, I wont give you an exact note by note of what we learnt, but here's some of what i personally learnt from it.

kat doing her thing!

tea :) & taking notes

mini eggs kept us going

Inspiration is Key ~ Most creatives will agree with this, that in order to do good work you need to be inspired. Before i went away to Lahore i literary lost my mojo, i wanted to blog but really couldn't find the motivation to do it, so for me it meant taking time out, away from the laptop. This was talked about by Kat who herself is so inspiring but also seeing all the other creative & talented women there, ready to learn and take new steps was in itself motivational for me.

Why Am i Doing This? ~ This is something everyone needs to think about, for me i need to know why im blogging, for all  the times i cant be bothered or just want to give up, i think if you don't have a clear reason for why your doing something then giving it up or not caring becomes all to easy.

Get Organised ~ Seriously if I'm to make a go of this, this part is imperative for me, I have a house and 2 small children to look after, which i already feel is like a full time job, so being a slacker won't really work, with a small business so i'll be needing a schedule sharpish.

Be Yourself /Do it Your Own Way ~ Honestly i wish i was living by this rule years ago, or that they gave these kind of workshops at school, i may only blog about weddings, but even weddings have us stereotyped, i hate to say it but as asians we still hardly think out side the box, due to peer pressure maybe?

I'm lucky that i don't have anyone to answer too when i blog, giving me the pleasure of blogging whatever i well please, but even that can be at times difficult, i might worry a post is too controversial? or maybe not what readers want, but why do i even think like that, does that even matter, well it does, but really no one has ever been able to please everyone. so be it blogging or even your wedding, do what you want, and what makes you happy.

Be Honest ~ I'm lucky that one of the most honest people i know is my dad, he been in business for as long as i can remember. Honesty and being trust worthy worked for him, and its something Kat talked about too, and in business it really is key.

Say bye bye to SEO & Stats ~ ok well not really, so i need to keep a wee eye on them, but obsessing about them wont make anything happen, other than make me go a little gaga.

That a tiny little snippet of what i learnt, with being on the cusp of major change with my blog, hearing from a blogger who is so successful, ace at what she does, is just what i needed, I learnt so much in such a short space of time, but more than anything i appreciate that Kat shared with us all what i would call invaluable advice...and i have been very few people do that.

The only low was i had to go home after the workshop, so couldn't stay for dinnner and get to mingle with all the other ladies. oh and least not forget acting like a total geek, when i realised other people i follow on twitter where there..eek! but all in all an amazing day, one that left me raring to go........look forward to sharing all the new changes with you soon!

**As i was typing this via Thursday Treats i saw that you can go to the next School of Rock blogging workshop in April at Muddifords Court, Devon. Iif you want to go, i would book like right now, as it will sell out quick - more info here

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