Valentines Day & Letting Go of Romantic Ideals

I'll be honest with you I'm a sucker for all thing valentines day... I'm one of those die-hard, hopeless romantics. In fact I harbour some rather unrealistic expectations, about what should be done today, or any other day for that matter.


So you can imagine the sheer disbelief when my husband turned out to be the most unromantic man i know, {although he's second to my dad he is most definitely the first}

Every year is pretty much the same, maybe a card but that's it, but this year was going to be different, having said that, I'll give him some dues he has year on year made more effort)

This year thing where going to be different, i was planning the day and was going to show, him how it should be done....

Lots of planning was requires but i was prepared ~ 

check check check!

What I didn't consider though that days before, my little ones would get sick, oh its just a cold i told myself {104 temp} couple of days later the Mr was now down with a bad fever, seriously whats going on he never gets sick!

Yesterday i was running around the supermarket like a loony not buying heart-shaped novelty food, or roses but stocking up on med, tissues, and chicken {had to make chicken soup, it the culinary equivalent to penicillin}

Love was by the bedside with a sick bucket!  - via 

So I'm home today, girls are feeling better, and mr is in bed, off from work still not feeling great, serves me right for going ott, but really its not my fault, i didn't just pluck these ideals from thin air, oh no i like to blame the movies...Hollywood and Bollywood!

No wonder, how could i not with there airy light-hearted plots, romantic ideals, and of course the happy endings

The hero, always knows exactly what the heroines wants, so much so, that at times she doesn't even know herself what she wants, oh but he does. Lets not forget he's willing to take on everyone for her love, parents, the world, you name it! oh yes and the best one, he knows exactly how to set up very elaborate meals/dates.{usually including lots of candlelight & violins}

Now if I'm not wrong all the above does is places lots of red and pink pressure on couples.

It did on us, he wasn't living up to the ideals that i had in my head. So you could say i learnt a lesson, that this day or any others days doesn't need to be picture perfect, there shouldn't be any  rules or protocol for what to do or not to.. 

Just because your not doing anything doesn't mean you or him you don't care, or love each other any less..

So i thought why not change my way of thinking..

 Leave the cliches behind...like who really gets love notes and flower everyday day!
 Don't just save romance for one day and forget the other 364 days of the year.
 Don't feel bad about the fact that i haven’t been given a bunch of flowers.
 Stop being a whinger ~ usually once i have heard or seen someone else brag about what their significant other is doing for them. i will whinge to my other half about what hes not doing.

 Finally and most importantly stop over analysing my relationship on one particular day in February ...

So what am I doing tonight, well i cooked our favourite meal, and have UP to watch at home... and cheesy as it may sound, i wouldn't change a thing :)

Some movies i like to blame ~ Only You - The Notebook  - Romeo + Juliet.
Hindi ~ Qayamat se Qayamat tak - Dil - Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin {yes i like Amir Khan}

Love to hear your thoughts on this...

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