Help Raise Money for the Frank Water Projects ~ "The Rickshaw Run"

Autoooo ~ tuk-tuk, trishaw, rickshaw, autorick, bajaj, rick, tricycle, mototaxi, or baby taxi how do you know them?

For many months now, I have wanted to be able to use the blog not only to give you all amazing ideas :) but also help a good cause, give back if you like. So when I saw that Arti { I have got to know her through the blog, she a PR guru} and a couple of her friends Rishi & Meera were raising money for the Frank Water Projects by doing something that can only be classed as crazy genius "The Rickshaw Run"

Meet ~ Team Masti Mobil ~ Rishi, Meera & Arti read more about them here

You might laugh but I do love the rickshaw, must be the wonderful memories i have of zooming around Lahore & Sri Lanka in them - but if I take off my rose tinted glasses and remember them as they actually where then I'll be reminded how noisy, uncomfortable, and prone to breaking down they are.

So anyone that's going to be doing 3500kms in one is a hero on my list! The team need to reach their target of £3000, so please give as much or as little as you like £10? £5? Donate

And though it may sound like one big adventure, this trip is extremely dangerous, so much so it comes with a warning so dig as deep as you can when giving {yes even if you have spent all your money on the SALES}

Here is more from the team ~ 

As a team we wanted to participate in a race or trek that would push us to our physical and mental limits and to support a cause that is close to our hearts and here we are participating in the biggest challenge of our lives - The Rickshaw Run, April 2012.

The Rickshaw Run? We are driving approximately 3500 km across the motherland from Cochin to Shillong in..... yeh you guessed it - A RICKSHAW!

Here is a little bit of background about the Frank Water charity which I hope will help you to understand how your pounds, dollars and most importantly your rupees will be spent

Frank Water is the brainchild of Katie Alcott. After contracting dysentery from drinking dirty water she realised that by selling ethnically bottled water she could use the profits to fund new clean water facilities for villages in need.

FRANK Water funds sustainable clean water projects in developing countries across the world and 5 years on, FRANK Water is now two distinct entities, Frank Water Projects and Frank Water Products. Please visit the FRANK Water website - http://www.frankwater.com/.

Every day around the world over 4,000 children die from a lack of clean drinking water, it is clear that help is urgently needed. We ask you all kindly to dig deep into your pockets and sofas to find your pounds, dollars and rupees and donate as little or large as you wish and to help support a worthy cause.

Here's more about ~ The Rickshaw Run 
see more about the adventurists that organise the rickshaw run here

Imagine the quietest, fastest, safest all-terrain vehicle in the world...Now imagine the opposite. Three wheels, half a horse power and more fun than any other vehicle on planet earth, the humble Rickshaw is undoubtedly the ultimate long distance, off-road machine. Despite being designed for short distances on road.

Now imagine the bliss of trying to get this untrusty steed over the Himalayas or across the Rajasthan desert. This then is the Rickshaw Run; an unsupported maniac of an adventure which wobbles over thousands of miles of ridiculous terrain. Probably the stupidest and the best thing you could possibly do with two weeks.

The Rickshaw Run currently thunders forth three times a year. Each edition has its own Un-Route and distinct flavour, but all are just as ridiculous as each other. There's one at New Year, one in the Spring and the last one in Autumn.

Set route? No. Backup? No. Support? No. Adventure? Yes.

We wish the team all a safe & successful journey!

You can say Hi, Send some moral support to the team by email  ~ mastimobil@hotmail.co.uk

Most importantly you can donate here at the Masti Mobil Just Giving page

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