2011 ~ The Learning Curve

Well hello lovelies, i feel like its been forever i sat and just well blogged! the normal schedule will resume, promise, but i  had to post something, sitting on the brink of a new year, makes everyone come over all reflective right?


Well this year has been a massive learning curve. my first year as a blooger, yeah i have been tied to my laptop, but you know what its been great. that in it self for me is an achievement.

I have went from wondering if anyone is reading to having stats that are just beyond what i ever imagined. so thank you for coming on this blogging adventure with me, cant wait to share my new dreaming & scheming plans with you.

My little girls started school and nursery, ans so the school run began, and i became one of those people that say, "oh not on a school night"

we welcomed a little nephew and niece into the family, i swear they make me broody every time i see them.

I moved to Manchester, and 6 months later, I'm kind of loving it!

I saw that what is for you, won't go by you!

I followed my heart

I developed thinker skin

Tried to become self employed, and failed, which was a little depressing at the time, but in a way has helped in the long run, it made me realise i was trying to run before i could walk.

I'm sure i learned, and did way more than the above this year, but im having mental block ~ whats your plans for next year? mine are as follows ~



A special thanks goes out to everyone that i have worked with & have featured on the blog this year, you are what makes this blog and the love and support that I get from you daily. Amazingly its not just brides to be that read the blog!? how did that happen?

How has this year been for you? did you get engaged, married? what have you learnt this year?

Happy New Years to you and yours 

Big Love Rabbia xoxo

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