Weekend Hair & Links!

So how many of you got blown away this week? the weather has been seriously freaky.

I thought this week i would again tell you what I have learnt as it seems you can learn something new pretty much every day, and at the same time better ourselves, don't you think?

Don't accept Incompetence or unprofessionalism ~ Its tough when your pushed for time, money or have your heart set on a supplier. But regardless of who they are they should be more than willing to help you with your enquires, be prompt & and generally be thrilled that you have thought to book them!! If they give you the I couldn't care less attitude then walk away!

Speak up ~ There are situations that you only get one chance to voice your opinion so use it.

Be positive ~ With that i point you to the awesome Kat from Rock n Roll bride, who wrote this rather inspiring post this morning

I went gaga over the runway @ Chanel Pre Fall 2012 

Inspiration Board ~ By katrina morris photography 


via lauredesagazan.fr/collection ~ do see the rest 

Have a wonderful weekend 

Rabbia xoxo

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