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I watched Rockstar this week, big fan of Imtiaz Ali, AR Rehman and Ranbir Kapoor, so I had high hopes, won't go into much of the story, but what I will say is Ranbir acted his heart out! This song really grew on me, its so mellow, don't you think?


heart the simplicity

Another article and another mini backlash, this time the vintage trend, with the writer claiming it was now truly the end of the vintage, I for one do like vintage, regardless of, whether its in trend or not, I think that goes for most brides, we go with what feels right, what suits our style. If your a glamour puss, bunting & having a wedding in a barn are not going to happen, even if its in trend. This is the article, I love what oh lovely day had to say about it here ~ more views here, most importantly long live what makes you happy

on to our link for this weekend

  • Peacock Inspired Cakes
  • How to avoid bad wedding suppliers
  • Beautiful Autumn colours with stunning clothes by Namrita Chettiar here
  • Ideas for gifts you would actually want and need {i would recommend the Dyson highly}
  • Whats important, Its great when seem to find these articles just when you need them
  • Want to have balloons at your wedding?
  • Should you change your appearance for your wedding day discuss!
  • Nazia Malik Collection
  • Can't/Won't buy it? Then DIY it!! Cake Plates
  • Breaking Dawn {should really have been called the one with the wedding} Wedding Inspiration
  • Not wedding related but I loved the pics of Lady Gaga in India

Oh how I wish there was such a thing as fairy dust?! Ive been quite the lacklustre blogger this past week, partly due to the girls being unwell, and a general lack of creatively. I have this strange habit of knowing when I should press the pause button, but I don't, I get stressed and try and do everything yet get almost next to nothing done.

But I'm hitting wedding show on Sunday, which should be fun, and next week, all the brides that sent in question {yes they finally get answered}we have a new giveaway and some guest posting, hurrah

Have a great weekend

Rabbia xoxo

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