Makeup Monday ~ Doing your own Wedding/Engagement Makeup!

The question of doing your own makeup, comes up quite regularly from you lovelies, for many reasons, but budget is usually the main one, and engagement is the one people want to tackle first, since the wedding is the bigger function.

When Kate Middleton married early this year there was almost a buzz about doing your own makeup, but she wasn't alone in the making of her look, she had a few lessons from a professional makeup artist. 

I'm going to cover some areas you should think about, and tips that have been given from various makeup artist, i feel its a little difficult, to talk about exactly what products you should use or look you should go for, since we all have different skin, tones, budget's and features.

You Tube ~ I can't begin to tell you how much you can learn from makeup tutorials, the best part is you can follow step by step, get an ideas for what products to get, high end and drug store, and see the finished look! oh and stop and start :) ones i love are. makeup geek MakeupAdikt lisa eldridge pixiwoo huda oxfordjasmine Sadaf

Think about getting some professional help ~ this is especially for you that are not to confident with makeup, many makeup counters and MUA offer this serve, just discuss in advance what your after * note when at the counter, just because your having a lesson doesn't mean you have to buy every product used! and ask lots of questions! ones to try MAC & bobbi brown

Good Skin Care Routine ~ no amount of makeup can compensate for glowing skin! Drink that water and go for facials. 

Eyebrows ~ if their sparse, you know the script get growing, on the day make sure their neat, threading is my fave option, again super important, a defined brow frames the face and gives an altogether more 'put together' look. 

Mani/Pedi ~  not only is it relaxing, but having a manicure and pedicure, will give you a really polished look
* The actual polishes used on Kate Middleton were Bourjois Rose Lounge and Essie Allure to create a perfect light and subtle pink polish

Get A Tan ~ not for everyone, but if you on the pale side, then apply some tanner, to give you albeit, fake, but subtle glow. {in turn you'll use less makeup}I like Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face and Decollete

Be prepared ~ The main thing is you want to look beautiful all day and you need to be photogenic for picture. look for products that have staying power, and instead of adding more product on your face throughout the day, when you detect unwelcome shine, make use of blotter papers to absorb excess oils. 

Get the Look & Look like you Spend time figuring out what looks good on you, what will you be wearing, how will your hair be, check out mags, personally I don think you should be trying any way out there looks, even if your confident with makeup, you want to look like you just way better, so the key is the highlight your best features. 

Get the Best ~ this goes for tool, ie brushes, & makeup, and that doesn't always mean the most expensive, just get the best tools you can afford and something that cant be stressed enough, blend blend blend!.

please keep in mind, that doing your own makeup does not mean you need to go out and buy a whole new collection of makeup, once you have a look you want to go for, you will be able to look for key products, and confidence is key! and although its an oldies practice really does make perfect, and that's were the confidence will come in, when you know you have perfected your look!! 

Don't forget your best beauty feature on your day...your SMILE!

Love to know what you think, leave a comment if you have any tips

Maya xoxo


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  2. Hiii yeah it is, maya is guest posting :)x


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