Inspiration Board - Canadian Inspired South Asian Wedding by Thadshiga of Dreamers Events

One of the major, pros of blogging is the people that you get to work with, some of the best South Asian wedding blogger are over in Canada, Thadshiga of Dreamer Events is a planner & blogger extraordinaire, she has such an eye for detail, I'm always in awe of the inspiration boards she makes and indeed the shoots she styles par example here

Delighted to have her with us today, here is what she had to say about the board ~

"Canadian South Asian Brides maintain the traditional aspect of the religious ceremony while the reception is their avenue for carrying a significant theme that represents the bride and groom. I created this inspiration board with one thought in mind, if a Canadian South Asian bride was looking to be inspired by the outdoorsy Canadian culture how can it be done. Immediately pine trees, Ritu Kumar, and snow capped mountains all came to mind."

Wood: http://www.tarawhittaker.com/blog
Ritu Kumar: http://www.ritukumar.com/
Pine tree: http://www.mylovelythings.blogspot.com/
Pomegranat: www.suzi.se

I have blogged over on Dreamer Events, and you can see The English Rose Board here


  1. Wow... I Like your view.. It was realy nice..

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