Celebrity Weddings - Rishi Rich & Manrina Rhode ~ Mehndi & Chunni by HS Photography

When it came to doing the mehndi who else but the phenomenal Ash Kumar, was called upon to work his magic. Spending two hours giving Manrina a stunning intricate design. While his team worked on family and friends.

The bride Manrina arrived at the Chunni wearing a simple yet, sparkly pink suit, and then the boys side proceeded to give her gifts {I'm loving this ceremony} she was given a red chunni, red churiah and a stunning set from Kyles. Richi looked very handsome in his outfit made by Ziggi Studios


Veronica,Rishi Rich and Newest Signing Kiran Dhanoa

Exclusive Photograhy by Anil Sakaria and Indi Hans of HS Photography

Mehndi ~ Ash Kumar
Jewllery ~ Kyles
Grooms Outift ~ Ziggi Studios

email ~ info@hansakaria.com

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