The Asian Bride Dilemma ~ Bouquet - To Have & To Hold or ...Not?

Yesterday I asked the lovely people on our facebook page, if a bride was really still a bride with out a bouquet?

Seems, that its not as popular as you might think, but again it really is up to you, some brides just can't see themselves without having a bouquet to hold, and some will suffice with a pouch/clutch, or nothing at all.Go with what feels right.

Traditionally Asian brides may not have had florals to hold, but its something that's ever evolving. Growing up  in a western society has influenced us, hence we add elements into our weddings, personally I think it shows diversity, Even in Pakistan and India it is it defiantly a growing trend.

But as always don't let trends dictate what you do. Have your day, your way!

Here some brides doing it their way ~ 

simply you...

sporting the clutch...

working the bouquet....

If you do, why not play with vibrant colors, here calendula marigolds are an ode to the traditional flowers used in Indian weddings, while ghungroos (ankle bells) tie in with the bouquet.

What do you think? Will you have a bouquet, and if you will will you throw it? now that's another dilemma

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Bouquet by Studio Sweet Pea

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