Love, Breakups Zindagi & Where the heck have i been??

Well hellooo, iv been at home actually the weekend break spilled into the weekdays, but honestly I'm glad for the break, got to catch up with friends/family and my on going career drama, saw me at a college open day. but as you know, couple days off and the work piles up. Lot of fashion show pictures for you, crammed full of inspiration. I'll be sharing details of our trip to London to see Pakistan Fashion Week, boy do i love that city, but the traffic!!

oh and a big hello *waves* to all the new followers, on blogger,a facebook and twitter, appreciate the love and support from you guys, and do get in touch, great hearing from you.

It turns out I'm quite the Bollywood geek, so here I go again, Dia Mirza, who really isn't a bad actress hasn't really had the most success with her films, is she too pretty? I'm looking forward to her new film, {its a first} even if its just for all the Ritu Kumar suits she wears.

The film Love Breakups Zindagi is out in October, tries to answer the question related to love, breakups and life.

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