Asian Dinner Club - Finding The "One" Made Easy

Are you finding it hard to meet the right partner? ok that sounds like a TV advert, but seriously we live in such a fast paced, career focused environment, It can be a whirlwind of people concentrating on one thing only...their professional lifestyle. So meeting the “one” can at times seem impossible.

You can't always rely on family and friends to help find your partner then why not take matters into your own hands...well that's what the modern single Asian appears to be doing?

How about a upmarket dating concierge service for professional people? 
A chance to meet like minded single professionals, in some of London's hottest venues like Kumo Bar, W Hotel and China Tang at The Dorchester. 

Tell me more? 

Salima Manji, a glamorous and successful mum of two embodies the Sex and the City generation especiallyamongst the South Asian scene, tried every dating fad going, only to be disappointed time after time. So rather than moan to her girlfriends about it she quit her career in Investment Banking and founded
Asian Dinner Club in September 2008.

Salima Manji - a great peoples person so she is always mingling with everyone, introducing them and making them all feel very comfortable. 

Asian Dinner Club hosts perfect little soirees in the city for discerning clients, catering for your super choosy needs. "A lot of people don't have the time to meet people as they have extremely demanding jobs, it leaves them wondering where to go to meet people and this is where London Dinner Club comes as a Godsend". 

Hmmm I have been to these Asian “dating events” before, Wasn't impressed? I'm busy so i don't want to waste my time? I'm not into fad dating?

"We're super-choosy when we select members, we weed out recreational daters, only the serious need apply". Considering 62% of daters rate "similar dining habits" a high priority when it comes to compatibility it seems like a sure fire way to find the perfect suitor.
Also “We feel that choosing the right venue is critical to a successful evening as Members can relax and socialise, as well as enjoy the outstanding food and ambiance offered by some of London’s finest restaurants” says Salima. “The Asian Dinner Club team have therefore carefully hand-picked restaurants which are reasonably priced, to allow Members to attend our events regularly.”

If i attend i worry i might feel pressurised? 

The great thing about the dinner club is that there are no expectations or pressure. If you have not met
someone potential for dating then we open doors for networking as each person is in a professional
environment so there's always an excuse to swap business cards!

How does it work?
The club membership is targeted to a particular demographic, restricted from ages of 26-42 and geared towards interests of professional lifestyle, culture and religion, offering the chance for people to meet with similar backgrounds. So dinners are segregated for groups of Muslims, Sikhs and Hindu's.

Each event usually consists of 10 males and 10 females. The events are either held at bars or restaurants depending on the type of event it is ie - Muslim events will always be at a restaurant. The atmosphere is always great as it tends to be in a sociable environment so it makes the clients more comfortable.

Based on feedback from members success rates of Asian dinner club has resulted in two marriages, two engagements and many people dating in the last two and a half years since it started in 2008. 

Sound Interesting, Where can I find out more?
Visit www.asiandinnerclub.com for more information on upcoming events. And join this exclusive club and book yourself for a personal soiree amongst people from similar lifestyles in some of London's exclusive venues!

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