Dessert Table by Moi @ Asian Wedding Ideas

I did this dessert table a couple of months back, for a baby shower, but kept putting off blogging about it, maybe due to the fact the pictures weren't very good, but I'm going to stop being such a baby and let you see my first attempt.

Amy Atlas who is thee queen bee when it comes to dessert tables, was a true inspiration, I mean have you seen her designs. She makes it look effortless.

I was pretty happy how it looked on the night, and the lady in question loved it, so job done. but there is something I could change it would be the pictures, daylight is key, no wonder photographers want so much light.

Doing this i did learn alot, most thing I made myself, and that was a plus point in itself. We blog so much about DIY projects, that you sometimes wonder, is it really is it even possible to do all this when your getting married? well the cake pops and pom poms where in fact rather easy, so definitely something you could do if you put your mind to it.

Be great to have some feedback, let me know what you think, are you thinking of having a dessert table?

This is something I can see me wanting to do more of in the future, especially with some vibrant colours, and maybe get some vendors involved too. After all got to start planning weddings at some point.

pom poms - way easier than they look

much respect to the bakers, piping is not easy

 paper pomander ball - would look stunning in different colours 
coconut marshmallows

cake pops 
glitter :)

cooks treat


  1. this is awesome, you're very talented! you're going to have to show us how to make the poms poms ;)

  2. wow looks amazing - well done!

  3. aww thanks ladies, yup poms poms tut will be up soon :)x


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