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Sometimes when i look at my pictures my face looks really white almost ghostly but it doesn't look like that really!! Why does that happen and how can i avoid?

This is very common and some people confuse it with whether their foundation is the right colour for them. I mean that could be the case if its very obvious without pictures however the main reason is because the foundation you are using possibly has SPF in it - so the higher the spf the more 'whiter' you will look in pictures. Therefore opt for low SPF or no SPF for your wedding day! 

Personally i would recommend MAC Studio fix or MAC Sculpt only because It has an SPF of 15 which is quite low. You still want a little bit of SPF as some brides take pictures outside etc so its worth it. However if you have SPF in your foundation you need to make sure no spf is in your moisturiser or primer etc...

MUA's should know this but no harm in a bride just making sure whether their foundation has spf or not and mentioning what they want to avoid i.e. the 'ghostly' look.

don't get caught out like these celebs, with this invisible-until-too-late makeup faux pas

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