Update - Anything But 9 to 5 / Crying Babies at the Movies??

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I feel like I have been away for a month, but in reality its only been a week, slowly catching up. The break although not planned did allow me time to think, with both my girls going to school/nursery at the end of the summer, the 9 to 5 jobs is calling me, so either i need to think more about this wedding planning business, or take the blog more seriously.

at the weekend i went to watch Salman Khans new film Ready (more about that tomorrow) for a reason i will never understand many people had brought very young children, now I'm not anti kids (i have two) but ones that can't sit still (most toddlers can't) or to my horror a baby and i mean under 12 months..poor thing pretty much cried all the way through the movie.. is this an Asian thing? to make matters worse i wanted to complain and Mr said i was being mean as some people can't get a baby sitter..what! :O

Well lets hope the next movie i watch isn't a drag, strictly for blogging purposes of course I'll be watching bridesmaids.... I'm not sure this will appeal to every one, but i think it looks super funny!


And in other news i would love to have some guest bloggers so if your interested do drop me a line :) asianweddingideas@gmail.com

ps thanks for the sweet msg they had a little girl, and shes cute as a button :)

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