Pakeezah the inspiration behind Katrina Kaifs look in Tees Maar Khan

Over the past couple of weeks I managed to watch a couple of bollywood films, baad baaja barat, which I’ll blog about a little later and Tees Maar Khan, now I won't get to much into the film, but lets talk about the clothes, it was Katrina Kaif’s styling in the qawwali "Wallah Re Wallah" that was so reminiscent of the late Meena Kumari. 
So I wasn’t surprised to read that it’s was her look in Pakeezah that was the inspiration behind Katrina’s look.

I really have a soft spot for this look, I put it down to my watching very old Bollywood films, as I was growing up ( thanks mum) It’s the joomar that does it for me, and it has to be on show not hiding behind the dupatta.

What do you think? Is it to old school? I think it’s still wearable for say a mendhi or sangeet??

Meena Kumari in Pakeezah

katrina kaif tees maar khan

And the look crops up again, this time seen on priyanka chopra in  mujhse shaadi karogi


  1. love love the joomar and of course meena kumari! i hope to wear one on my wedding [whenever it will happen!] also, you beat me to posting the dia mirza pakheeza editorial hehe =)

    lovely blog btw!

  2. thanks hun, you should post the the dia mirza piece everyone needs to see that gorgeousness.x


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