Salman Khan's Ready..Not the Clothes..

My reasons for going to watch, Ready were simple, I was won me over by Salman Khan in Dabangg, and Asin really stole the show, in Ghajini, so naturally I thought both of them together would make for a great film. 

Asin & Salman Khan

I should have waited for the DVD realise. if you like your masala type movie or your a die hard salman fan then do go. Although I must say the second half Salman dons some geeky glasses, underplays himself and gets better, says it all really.

As far as songs you will be hearing "Character Dheela", "Humko Pyar Hua" and "Dhinka Chika" alot.

I wanted to take a look at the clothes in the film, and they didn't do it for me at all, and i kinda hate when that happens. Its a Bollywood movie if nothing else get the songs and clothes right. there was something a little 90's about it, here's some images for you to ponder over.

in the first scene asin as a run away bride - 
engagement song and dance

trying to get married in peace..not quite happening..

the one suit i liked, this red kaftan.

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