Real Wedding - Samira & Abdul With Photography by Dannish

Looking like a Disney princess in a happy ever tale, you can tell this bride knows what she wants, with the details you can see in her wedding. 

And boy am I digging the details, especially since its the first time I'm seeing one of though cute vintage tea cake stand. very tea party! along with the cake with pearls (seriously lusting after that).

Were featuring the awesome talents of Dannish for the first time, and Ive said this before but I just love the way some photographers make you feel like your there, catching these candid glimpses of the bride, couple, family, now that has to be a talent in its self!

How cute are thoues shoes and that shot right? check back later when i'll be posting about doing your own DIY ice cream parlour :)

you can check out Dannish's facebook page here


  1. WOW! that is just beautiful!! sooo beautiful, love the color theme and the dress and the jewelry...well i love everything!

  2. Wish I Was at this wedding!Oh,I was.fantastic.


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